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It all comes from an idea

Forme d’Acqua designs and creates fountains for every type of space, inside and outside, taking care of design, aesthetics, development and maintenance.

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We put your ideas first and develop them together to make fountains that work and last over time.

Making a fountain is always a challenge: each project is different from the other, with unique characteristics and uniqueness, just as the client’s wishes and needs are unique.

A fountain represents an important architectural element that can not be improvised. It’s a path to do together that starts from the planning and arrives at the delivery of the system and its maintenance. In the preliminary phase it is important to listen to the client to understand his needs and use our experience to turn them into a project.

There are many functions of a fountain: representation for offices and institutional offices, decorative for villas, private homes and gardens, water games for open air accommodation and parks.

Floor fountains, infinity fountains, dancing and musical fountains, design or classic fountains, the fountain typologies are numerous; the only limit is imagination.

The project must then become reality and the creation of a fountain implies different professional skills that must work in close contact.

Forme d’Acqua has the sustainability of its projects at heart and provides expertise, professionalism and technical measures that will allow the fountain to be efficient and last a long time.

The elements that give our fountains a long life are the use of reliable technology, the use of resistant and durable raw materials and the treatment we do with water.

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Our Projects

We have developed together with our customers dozens of projects, from indoor fountains to water walls, fountains for hosting campsites and hotels and much more!

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Forme D’Acqua brand

Forme d’Acqua is specialized in the design and manufacturing of fountains and water games. Constant planning, innovation and research enable us to offer the most effective technical and plant solutions for the creation of sustainable fountains that last over time.

We offer professional services

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Fountain design - MEP Design

We design your fountain by taking care of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts: MEP Design. Our team is able to provide technical suggestions and solutions, thanks to the great experience gained in twenty years of projects in several countries of the world.

Realization, installation and testing

The construction of the fountain is carried out by our specialized technicians, plumbers and professional installers with years of experience in the field. The structure of each plant is made to measure for each individual project, everything is tested before the final delivery to the customer.
We are sure of our work and for this reason our fountains have a guarantee of three years.

Water Fountain Maintenance

Forme d'Acqua provides assistance in all its projects, ensuring a regular maintenance of the fountains so that they remain beautiful and functional for a long time. We offer our customer a three-year warranty against an ordinary maintenance plan every three months.
For us it is essential to establish a continuous relationship of trust with the customer, always offering technical advice, even after the sale.

Water Fountain restoration

We carry out extraordinary cleaning and restoration. The conservative restoration of a fountain foresees the cleaning of the same one, the replacement of the damaged or obstructed pipes from the limestone and the creation of a filtration plant, essential to prevent the formation of this mineral. We can also create a new low-consumption LED lighting system. All these operations are carried out without changing the original appearance of the fountain.


Limestone is the enemy par excellence of a fountain; it often happens that the fountains are neglected and deteriorate quickly because of it. With the right knowledge it is possible to give new life to the fountains that seem ruined forever. Forme d'Acqua makes restyling of existing fountains, modifying the internal system (replacing pipes damaged by limescale and repairing or creating the filtration system) and making non-structural modifications that give new life to the fountain (new coatings, new nozzles to create different water features, new low-energy lighting systems).

We manufacture eco-friendly fountains

Water is too precious a thing to be wasted. Precisely for this reason Forme d’Acqua is able to control and remotely manage the proper functioning of its systems through special software, receiving notifications on any anomalies. This system gives us information in real time, greatly simplifying the operations of monitoring, control and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Forme d’Acqua fountains are close to the environment: they have low energy consumption and do not waste water by filtering and reusing the one put into circulation.

We also deal with extraordinary cleaning operations, conservative restoration and restyling of existing fountains; with our experience and our know-how, we are able to bring them back to their former glory


Do you want a turnkey fountain? Do you need a maintenance for your fountain? Do you want to rent a fountain? Do you want advice to design a fountain? Contact us and we will do our best to help you.


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